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20190123050442-roadside assistance.jpeg

With winter finally hitting us in full force, you may be thinking about joining a roadside assistance program – if you haven’t already. Unlike car insurance, roadside assistance programs aren’t ...

Chris Chris 01/23/2019
20190122013719-hidden mortgage fees.jpg

When picking the best mortgage for you, are you focusing solely on the rate? The best mortgage rate today can be quite low, but it can come with a lot of restrictive clauses that would actually make y...

Chris Chris 01/22/2019
20181102035636-pros and cons of mortgage brokers.jpg

With interest rates on the rise, homeowners and home buyers need to seriously consider how to get the best mortgage rate in Canada. The Bank of Canada has already raised interest five times since Jul...

Chris Chris 01/22/2019
20181102021609-what it costs to break a mortgage.jpg

One day you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with abeautiful wife, and ask yourself “How did I get here – with this interest rate?” Or maybe you aren’t living in a Talking Heads refere...

Chris Chris 01/22/2019
20181029052101-where can i use american express in canada.png

You can be forgiven for thinking that American Express isn’t accepted anywhere in Canada. It’s a very common myth that make American Express cards seem less valuable despite being among the best c...

Chris Chris 01/22/2019
20181024043431-boc interest rate.jpg

The Bank of Canada announced today that they’re raising the target for the overnight interest rate to 1.75 per cent, an increase of 0.25 per cent, or 25 basis points. This is the third increase in 2...

Chris Chris 01/22/2019
20181207023222-first time hombuyer programs in canada.jpeg

First Time Home Buyer Programs First-Time Home Buyers Tax Credit The First-Time Home Buyers Tax Credit (FTHC) is a non-refundable tax credit worth $750. A tax credit reduces the amount of tax you o...

Chris Chris 01/22/2019
20181106115345-hacking credit card rewards 2018.jpeg

There are over two hundred different credit cards in Canada, but they all do one thing the same – allow you to spend your money. So why should you choose one over another? The answer is: rewards. ...

Chris Chris 01/22/2019
20181019043833-Can I Get a Home Equity Loan with Bad Credit.jpg

Home equity loans are actually one of the easier loans to get if you have bad credit, because they’re secured against your home. A normal personal loan or line of credit is unsecured – that means...

Chris Chris 01/22/2019
20181019033438-are home equity loans a good idea.jpg

With the current housing prices in Canada, many people are looking for ways to put their home equity to work. The easiest way to turn your equity into cash is to take out a home equity loan, since the...

Chris Chris 01/22/2019
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