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For first-time home buyers who have signed the purchase and sale agreement for their property, they believe the hardest obstacle has been completed. But, facing a financing wavier to arrange for a mor...

Ali Ali 02/15/2019
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The greatest benefit of owning a property is being able to refinance. Most homeowners do not consider refinancing later on, because the fear of penalties and additional costs. A refinance means you ar...

Payal Payal 02/14/2019
20190213100326-Rental Property Qualify-rateshop.ca.jpg

Purchasing your first rental property is a huge investment. But, unlike the mortgage you took out for your primary residence, a rental property is more complex. Most A lenders do not fund rental prope...

Payal Payal 02/13/2019
20190214033205-Canada-Mortgages-for-Immigrants- Rateshop.ca.png

One of the positive aspects of living in Canada is being able to own real estate. But for newcomers who have immigrated/ relocated to Canada for only a few months can be costly. Living on rent can bre...

Payal Payal 02/13/2019
20190212113725-Appraisals in Canada - Rateshop.ca.jpg

If you have ever purchased a home, transferred title or refinanced your current property. Appraisal is one process that is used to establish the property’s current market value. In the mortgage indu...

Payal Payal 02/12/2019

If there’s one thing that everyone can agree on, it’s that Canadians pay too much for car insurance. Ontarians overpay for car insurance the most, with British Columbians not far behind. There ar...

Chris Chris 02/12/2019
20190207031054-How much insurance.jpeg

You need car insurance to drive a car anywhere in Canada. If you’re thinking about not getting insurance and just paying for any collisions out of your own pocket, then think again. If you’re caug...

Chris Chris 02/07/2019
20190206114810-which is better gic or savings - Copy.jpg

There is only one investment type that’s guaranteed to make money – a guaranteed investment certificate (GIC). The upside to GICs is that they’re totally guaranteed: both interest and principal...

Chris Chris 02/06/2019
20190205030732-what should i do if my mortgage renewal is denied.jpg

  Nothing good lasts forever. If you got a great mortgage rate locked in for a term, you’ll have to get a new one eventually. On the bright side, if you got a not-so-great mortgage rate, you’ll ...

Chris Chris 02/05/2019
20190131034135-what determines your credit score.jpg

There’s a lot of conflicting information about credit scores on the internet. Even if you don’t research credit scores online, you can still get misinformation from well-meaning people in your lif...

Chris Chris 01/31/2019
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